Barbette Spitler

Barbette has a unique understanding of integrative medicine and how to enhance health and wellness. She encourages the concepts of health promotion, disease prevention and self-care. She teaches her students to consider all aspects of the whole person – mind, body, spirit and lifestyle. She is an expert in her field and an accomplished educator/presenter.

Hardcover Edition

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Buy This Book! Enough said!

A delightful book from a delightful person. Barbette gives a first-hand account of the effect positive intentions that she set has had on her and her family's life after having a "Murphy's Law" attitude for so long. Her accounts of having a negative mindset towards many things for quite a few years are tragic, comical, and great reading. There are wonderful lessons to be learned in reading this book. I have met this author and can honestly say she is the Real Deal. I had no idea of the calamities that had happened to her and her family before I read this book, and found myself crying and laughing along with her as I devoured each chapter. Trust me, this gal practices what she preaches. You can learn a great deal and help yourself immensely by buying, reading, and practicing the tried and true techniques contained in this easy-reading work. I loved it!

J from PA

A powerful book! I couldn't read it fast enough.

I love this book!! I've already started replacing negative thinking with positive thoughts and seeing results in my daily life. Spitler instills hope and outlines practical tools to improve you relationships at home, work and beyond. She talks about the choices we make and the way we think about things and how both work in our lives.

Triple R

Positive & Encouraging!

An easy read & chalked full of thoughts that make a different. If you are ready for a change, 'Make It Intentional' and grab this book to help eliminate Stinkin' Thinkin' and then enjoy your success. It's written with true Barbette wit & energy.

Carolyn S. Keehner